Welcome to TrucosLinux

TrucosLinux is an user group of Ubuntu, with base in Mexico, dedicated to interchange experiences and to share knowledge on this system based on they debian GNU/Linux using their dedicated server to host their site and some security service.

Our intention is to spread the benefits of Ubuntu in a participation climate, where the ideas of all the users are welcomes to improve this fantastic operating system.

Also, in our site they will find the tools necessary to begin in Ubuntu, to solve problems or simply to interchange opinions.

About Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a complete operating system based on GNU/Linux. Its development is oriented so much to the family environment as to the professional, offering the necessary tools for each type of user.
But what one stands out in Ubuntu in his increasing community, constructed according to the Ubuntu Philosophy: that the software must be available free, that the software tools must be usable by people in their local language and without distinguishing discapadidades, and that people must have the freedom to personalize and to alter her software of any way that wants.

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As Participating in TrucosLinux

The participation of the users is a fundamental part in TrucosLinux, or to create content, to help and to request aid to other users, So far only we have the IRC channel. but soon we will have lists of mail, and a forum, we already talk to several hosting to support this project.
Our communication channels are the following:

In order to unite to TrucosLinux and to participate to you actively it is important to register themselves in Launchpad and to sign the Code of Conduct (you can read it in Spanish here).
The page of TrucosLinux in Launchpad is

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The Ubuntu Promise

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