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Ubuntu is an African concept of ‘humanity for others’. It is ‘the belief in a universal bow to share that it connects all the humanity’. The same ideas are central for the form in which the Ubuntu community collaborates. The members of the Ubuntu community need to work efficiently together, and this code of conduct establishes the “basic rules? for our cooperation.

The name of Ubuntu for the distribution was chosen because it catches the spirit perfectly to share and to cooperate that it is the heart of the movement of open code. In the world of Free Software, it is collaborated freely of voluntary way to construct software to the benefit of all. The work of others improves, which has been given freely, and this way the improvements share in the same way.

That collaboration depends on the good relations between the developers. For this aim, we decided the following code of conduct to help to define the forms of how the collaboration and the cooperation would have to work.

If you wish to sign the conduct code, you can sign the copy of Canonical that is here.

Basic rules

This Code of Conduct covers your behavior as member with the Ubuntu Community, in any forum, list of mail, wiki, website, channel IRC, feast of installation, public meeting or private correspondence, supported by cheap dedicated server linux this can be possible. The Communal Council of Ubuntu will arbitrate in any dispute on the conduct of a member of the community.

The code of conduct of Ubuntu is licensed under the license Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. You can reusarla for your own project, and to modify it as you wish, simply allows please others to use your modifications and dá credit to the Ubuntu Project.

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