Ubuntu Edition Servant

The Edition Servant - constructed in the solid base of Debian the one that is well-known by its robust facilities of servant it has a strong inheritance with reliable yield and predictable evolution.

Integrated and safe platform

As your business grows, also it makes your network of work. More applications need to be distributed and more servants require themselves. The Edition Servant of Ubuntu offers support for several common configurations, and simplifies processes common of distrubución in servants of Linux. Prover a good platform integrated allowing to distribute a new servant you of fast and simple way with anyone of the services standard of Internet: mail, Web, DNS, to serve to archives and basic administration as data.

A key lesson from the Debian inheritance is the security as predetermined value. The Ubuntu servant does not have ports opened after the installation and only contains the essential software that is needed to arm a safe servant.

To reduce the total cost of property with the automatic installation of LAMP

In around 15 minutes, the time that takes to install the Edition Servant of Ubuntu, podés to have a servant LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) ready to use. This characteristic, exclusive right of the Edition of Servant of Ubuntu, is available during the installation.

The option LAMP means that not tenés that to separately install and to integrate each one of the components of LAMP, a process that can take hours and requires of somebody enabled in the installation and configuration of each individual application. In its place, obtenés greater security, reduced time of installation, and a reduction of the risk of a bad configuration, everything what is in a cost under property.

It eliminates the cost of updating individual workstations

The Edition Servant of Ubuntu includes support for light client using LTSP (Project of Terminal Servant Linux, according to its abbreviations in English). LTSP-5, the last launching, offer a simple installation and a simple maintenance. All the data are stored in the servant, which will substantially diminish the cost of updating individual aid and workstations to assure suseguridad. The remarkable benefits of the support for light client of Ubuntu are:

  • Simplified administration: to administer all the clients of a system. Instalá new software, vascular cambiums its configuration, or even actualizá to new version in the servant, and all the clients very instantaneously will be updated to the day. There is only backup that to do for all the clients.
  • Installation and completely automatic configuration: to install a servant of light client is as easy as it installs a simple system, and once finalized, new clients with additional administration in the servant can be added.
  • Reduction of the total cost of property through shared resources: most of the workstations of high consumption are all day available consuming energy and spending money of your organization. With servants of high light consumption and clentes, podés to have a huge yield and to save money. Necesitás more yield? Simply he improves the servant, and all the clients very instantaneously will benefit.
  • Fast recovery by failure: If the system client fails, simply it changes by one new one and I continued working. It does not require configuration, and all the data and configurations of the user are intact.
  • Local connection of devices: the users can accede to printers, cameras, iPods, USB keys and other devices connected directly to the light client.

Supported architectures

The Edition Servant of Ubuntu supports to the architectures x86, AMD64 and UltraSPARC T1.

It unloads the Edition Servant of Ubuntu “

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