What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is an operating system developed by the community that are perfect for laptops, desktop computers and servants. Or that you use it in the home, in the school or at work, Ubuntu contains all the applications which you can need, from processors of text and applications of email, to software for Web server and tools of programming.

Ubuntu is and he will always be free of cost. Nonpayments by a use license. You can unload, use and share Ubuntu with your friendly, relatives, school or businesses freely.

A new launching of the version desktop and servant is published every six months. This means that always you will have the most recent applications than the world of the open source can offer to you.

Ubuntu is designed thinking about the security. You freely secure to updates of security at least 18 months in the version desktop and servant. With the version with Long Term Support (LTS) you have support by three añosen the version desktop, and five years in the servant version. It is not required of payments extra by version LTS, we put the best thing of our work available to all in the same free terms. Updates to the new version of Ubuntu are and they will always be free of cost.

Everything what you need in a CD, that provides surroundings of complete work. Additional Software can be found online.

The graphical installer allows to start and to leave you easily in fast operation and. An installation standard must take 25 minutes less than.

Once installed your system it is immediately ready-for-using. In the edition you have a complete catalogue of applications for productivity, Internet, applications of drawing and graphs, and games.

In the edition servant you have the necessary thing to form it and to make work it.

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Ubuntu obtains now

What means Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is an African word that means ‘Humanity towards others’, or ‘I am because we are’. The Ubuntu distribution takes the spirit of Ubuntu to the world of software.

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